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Notre école est présentement fermée pour les vacances d’été.

Pour inscrire votre enfant, visitez le site Internet du Conseil scolaire à la page suivante :

Si vous avez des questions ou besoin d’aide pour remplir le formulaire, communiquez avec le bureau des inscriptions au
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Passez de belles vacances et au plaisir de vous compter parmi nous!

Rentrée scolaire : le mardi 3 septembre

What You Have to Know About Wildlife Biology Salary

Wildlife Biology Salary – Overview
Some schools provide specializations in zoology, while some only provide an overall zoology degree. There are a couple of courses of study in the specialty, but term paper writer no on-line degree courses that I’m conscious of. A number of examples of the various …

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What to Do About What Is Health Science Before It Is Too Late

It is essential that you finish your placement tests in a timely mannerpreferably once possible after you learn they are required. Several insurance businesses cover acupuncture. The way is additionally not painful when compared to vein ligation and stripping. A few of these choices include Graduate Certificates like a Biotechnology …

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Curriculum Vitae vs. Resume: Knowing Ways to Differentiate Them and When to Use Which

While skimming through certain job postings, you may have noticed that certain employers request for a resume while others ask you to send a cv. This may be confusing, especially if you are used to sending one of them for your many job applications. It may also be a problem …

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Supporting Your Resume with an Amazing Cover Letter

Creating a cover letter is a fundamental part of an employment application process. A strong cover letter will persuade prospective employers, make you outstanding, and secure you more interviews. A poorly crafted cover letter will lower your chances of getting any job. This means that you have to be …

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3 Methods to List Part-time and Temporary Works on Your Resume

The question of whether to include temporary or part-time jobs in a resume is frequently asked by a majority of job seekers. There is, however, no single definitive answer to this question because it solely depends on the kind of work done temporarily or in part-time and the position that …

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